Yumilashes Eyelash technology for professionals


The Lash Lamination proposed by Yumi Lashes® is not a permanent or even an extension!

Yumi has built its success on the excellence of its products, continuously tested, focusing on their extreme quality, safety and performance with all-natural effects. The curvature treatment Yumi Lashes ® is a lifting of the eyelashes that gives a delicate curvature to natural lashes.

Participation to the Yumi Lashes course is a unique opportunity to discover the secrets of this innovative eyelash application method and to have access to buy Yumi Lashes liquids.

The French multinational company is a leader in the lash lifting industry in Europe and worldwide for years, constantly pursues the exclusivity of the proposed treatments involving the professionals of the sector in training part.

Choosing a Yumi Lashes® course you will be sure to have at your disposal a highly qualified staff available to help you in every step of the way: starting from the model search to the advertising dedicated to your clientele.

During the course you will be constantly placed side by side in the practical work on the model to understand each step of this particular technique of eyelashes enhancement. The teachers will always be ready to answer your every doubt and nothing will remain secret to you that you will finally know the difference between permanent, botox and eyelash lifting and you will be able to explain to your clients why the excellence of the Yumi Lashes® eyelash lamination treatment.

Remember that Yumi knows the VALUE OF CERTIFIED TRAINING, the maintenance over time of the quality standards and the sharing and respect of professional commitment for which it has always been active in your comparisons for:

• guarantee you full exclusivity, not making our products available to non-certified operators;
• update you with exclusive back ground after the courses ;
• support you with confidential after-sales assistance, through a dedicated help-center;
• provide you with promotional and management material to increase your clientele.

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