Yumilashes Eyelash technology for professionals

Lash Lift Treatment of YUMILASHES

Each of us would like to wake up in the morning and instantly open beautiful doe eyes but if we are not among the very few lucky ones with long, thick eyelashes, intense color and naturally curved we have to resort to beauty treatments with more or less lasting and natural effects .

These include the YUMILASHES eyelash lamination treatment with keratin: a non-invasive, nourishing and regenerating esthetic application that gives the lashes length and thickeness with a healthy natural appearance … let’s discover it together!

The keratin lash lift treatment proposed by YUMILASHES is a treatment with which curved, thick and highly resistant eyelashes are obtained even for sporting activities, such as swimming. It can be applied at any time of the year without particular contraindications except pregnancy, lactation, allergies and ophthalmological diseases.

The treatment is carried out in qualified centers and lasts from 60 to 75 minutes, including shutter speed. The result of incurvature and thickening remains unchanged for 6/8 weeks with benefits that thanks to the use of keratin can last for a few months.

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