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Differences between eyelash extension and eyelash lamination

The main difference between the eyelash extensions and the eyelash lamination lies in the effect you get: it is true that where the false lashes guarantee a look of great impact, the lash lift or lamination is instead a treatment that stretches and raises up our Eyelash by giving them a light curvature with a very natural effect.

For you professionals of the eyelash sector it is advisable to deepen and take into consideration also other differences, starting from the composition of the products used for the two treatments: in fact the glue used to attack the extensions can cause a Future intolerance to cyan acrylate by the customer. The lamination treatment Yumi Lashes nourishes deeply the lashes and increases the values of keratin present inside them thanks to the use of this substance in the composition of its products.
But it must be stressed that not all companies integrate their products for the lamination with keratin as Yumi Lashes and cause the need for you professionals to add an additional step, forcing you to complete the treatment with products of other brands.

Keratin is the most important component of lashes so it is essential to know how their levels can vary: natural lashes contain 75% to 96% of natural keratin. A peculiarity concerns the eyelashes of black women, they contain less keratin than white women, but the cuticle is thicker and it will be necessary more time to make the lash lift and change the curvature of this type of eyelash.

Another important difference is the duration: The eyelash extensions last on average between three and four weeks, during which the customer will have to comb the lashes every day and wash them with a specific shampoo, always being careful at night not to sleep with the Eyes on the pillow to not crush the delicate extensions.

The customer must also use the utmost care not to expose themselves to high temperatures and vapors, which influences both the most common daily activities such as cooking and leisure activities like doing the sauna, attending spas. The laminating lashes lasts six or more weeks and after 24 hours from treatment you can do anything: wash your face, rub your eyes and make up your lashes, swim at the sea or in the pool, sleep comfortably hug the pillow.

In addition, the fact that 70% of customers treated with eyelash lamination solves the problem of vertigo, whether natural or caused by trauma, should not be overlooked because during application the lashes are combed and directed in the correct direction. On the contrary with the extension the weight of the lashes could make change the direction of growth by discovering the bulb from the natural drift of growth and creating vertigo.

The experts advise to take a break from the eyelash extensions every seven months, while the lash lift Yumi Lashes can be repeated constantly without interruption.

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